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Professional Content Management System (CMS)

SynergiDesign v6 Professional Enterprise Content Management System (CMS) Features and Functionality

As technology has become more sophisticated, it has become possible to simplify procedures which once would have been carried out by web professionals. The simple tools provided by v6 Professional Content Management System (CMS) enable you to keep your business website up to date, fresh and relevant and help to reduce your ongoing costs.

This affordable, intuitive content management system, designed to be easy to operate for non-technical business users, gives you sophisticated design and a secure working environment.

Additional bespoke functionality and specific reporting can be added later to the CMS because it has been designed to be expandable and flexible to accommodate future enhancements or user requirements.

You can discuss your business website needs with us and benefit from our dependable customer support.

Our enterprise level CMS offers the following robust feature rich functionality:

Users and Privileges Management

Users and Privileges Management

Multiple users can be added to your site and assigned customised roles. You can specify the content each person can edit or even view. The system features enterprise-level user management.

Give your administrators, authors and editors as much control as you need them to have, right down to the content level.

You can be confident of knowing the administration abilities of everyone logging into your website which will not only give you peace of mind but also the method of allocating tasks and roles. Below are listed some of the key security features:

  • Permissions may be assigned to user groups, roles, departments or individual users.
  • Restrictions may apply globally, by section, category or at individual object level.
  • Permissions include separate read, edit and publishing authorities.

You can define an unlimited number of Member Groups

Rollback Functionality

Rollback Functionality

The CMS rollback functionality allows website owners to:

  • Monitor what website content has been amended and by whom
  • Compare the current version of the webpage with any previous versions via the revision history

Website owners can therefore keep a visual history of website amendments, which can be extremely useful if it is necessary to revert to any previous webpage versions.

Version Tracking

Version Tracking

Versioning provides a more powerful alternative to the above. Without the user having to backup files, different web page content versions can be tracked with version tracking functionality; this can be applied to web pages content and images.

Unlimited versioning history enables the editor to store and archive previous versions of edited content and revert to earlier content revisions if necessary.

Web administrators can assign tasks while managing Web site activity within a single environment. Content revisions can be tracked, sent through an approval chain and historical versions rolled back.

W3C Standards Compliant

W3C Standards Compliant

The SynergiDesign CMS conforms to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Standards. Content editors can be assured that what the CMS generates will conform to the standards.

Making sure that your website content is accessible using web technologies for all users, the SynergiDesign CMS specialises in allowing the content editor to create accessible website content. This ensures that websites that can be used by people with disabilities (Disability Discrimination Act 1995). The CMS is designed to provide for organisations that require adherence to such guidelines.

The SynergiDesign CMS is engineered to create valid XHTML / CSS compliant code – generate valid web pages.

Front-end Wiki Style Editing

Front-end Wiki Style Editing

A feature of the V6 Professional CMS is that pages can be edited in a way similar to that made popular by the Wikipedia website. The Administrator can give selected individuals access rights to specific pages which will allow them to add, edit or delete content without having access to the back end CMS. This provides a familiar interface which is easy to operate and ensures pages are updated regularly with relevant content.

  • A secure login restricts the access to the named individuals only.
  • They can then, for example, add pages, meta tags, keywords and navigation titles, etc. as well as informational content.
  • Rollback facility allows any changes to revert back to any stage of editing, so no content can be lost and a warning is given before any deletions are accepted.
  • Any changes made can be viewed before final completion.
  • The side navigation is automatically edited.

You can define an unlimited number of Member Groups

Search Engines and Meta Data editing

Search Engines / Meta Data Editing

The CMS supports the adding and removal of meta data (keywords and descriptions) for webpages to provide search engines with relevant information, thus improving search engine optimisation (SEO) and increase website traffic.

Create New Users

Create New Users

You can appoint as many new content editors as you need, at any time, giving them permissions appropriate to their level and field.

Create New Pages

Create New Pages

SynergiDesign’s V6 Professional CMS gives you the flexibility to expand your site at any time by creating new pages, for example to act as case studies, highlight new processes, products or events and generally give your site a bigger presence.

Top and side (multi-level) navigation

Top and Side (Multi-level) Navigation

The CMS software enables users to manage the top / main navigation of the website, with the ability to create additional navigational menu items if needed.

The software also provides a side navigation system for sub pages of a particular website section.

Users can add CSS styling to the navigation with pre-defined menu / navigational styles.

Advanced WYSIWYG editor

Advanced WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor

Our web-based editor is designed for non-technical users; it is incredibly easy to use and user intuitive. You can:

  • Edit and add text to webpages
  • Add images
  • Add photo galleries
  • Embed media such as videos
  • Create links
  • Format text – bold, underline, italic, aligning, heading, paragraphs, colours etc
  • Undo and redo actions
  • Add and edit tables
  • Copy and paste from Word
  • HTML Clean up (removes unnecessary code)
  • Add super and subscripts
  • Add special Characters (£, $, > etc) in the correct and W3C compliant html code format
  • Use predefined templates
  • Add ordered and unordered bullet points
  • Carry out a content preview
  • Print
  • Use spell checker (requires user to install ieSpell)
  • Add citations and blockquotes
  • Toggle between full screen view and normal view

The CMS provides a simple-to-use, familiar word processing-like environment in which to create the content your site needs, with a vast range of intrinsic functionality.

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor allows non-technical content administrators to look after your website. The Web 2.0 editor will ensure that content is compatible with all the major website browsers.

WYSIWIG is designed to allow even the most non-technical users to easily update and create content to publish.

Minisites / Microsites

Minisites / Microsites

The construction of Minisites allows content editors to create “microsites” for relevant specific initiatives / business areas / departments.

Users can create an allocated microsite without having the need to have a complex nested navigation.

This functionality is useful to showcase content.



The addition of a glossary page will provide a definition of terms specific to your field to help users understand more about your products. This can also be beneficial for search engines.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Cross Browser Compatibility

The CMS has been developed to be cross browser compliant and is supported by the most popular modern web browsers such as;

  • Internet Explorer (IE) v6, IE v7, IE v8
  • Opera
  • Mozilla Firefox v2 and v3.

Cross browser compatibility ensures:

  • users can work with all the main web browsers
  • software provides stability and functionality across a wide range of web browsers
  • freedom from the restrictions of working with a specific web browser
  • no need to download complicated software.
Integrated Image Editor

Integrated Image Editor

With the advanced and user-friendly integrated image editor users can:

  • upload
  • resize
  • rename
  • rotate
  • delete

images right inside the CMS interface.

Everything can be done through the CMS image editor, there is no need to utilise external image editing software when familiar and intuitive controls edit your images instantly without having to use complex image manipulation software.

Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries

The SynergiDesign CMS gives you a breathtakingly simple photo gallery tool. Upload your images and you've got an instant slide-show built right in, with a choice of ways to display your images.

You can also manipulate your images to:

  • reorder
  • rename
  • delete
  • add captions
  • rotate
  • resize
  • rearrange

Just upload the pictures, rearrange and let the CMS publish your photo gallery slideshow.

You can make single uploads or upload many images at once to save time and add them to webpages.

Video Content

Video Content

The SynergiDesign CMS allows you to easily integrate video from popular services like YouTube. You can also upload and embed your own video using:

  • Flash
  • QuickTime
  • Windows Media
  • and many other popular formats.

The CMS provides you with the ability to alter dimensions of the video once embedded to tailor it to your website dimensions.

Video Formats

Video Formats

V6 Professional CMS is compatible with all popular video formats, eg Windows Movie, Quicktime, Flash Video and YouTube.

YouTube Upload

YouTube Upload

Your own videos can be uploaded on to YouTube and embedded on the site, to spread your web presence more widely.

File Management

File Management

The CMS software incorporates its own file management functionality to streamline easy and effective file uploads. The easy to use controls enable you to:

  • Upload images, documents, Flash files and other media to the server
  • Delete, copy and move files
  • Organize your files into folders
  • Organise them into folders and directories tailored to your website needs
  • Edit images directly on the server.
Upload Files

Upload Files

You can upload files, eg pictures, PDF documents etc. to add to your site and store safely on the hard drive.

Cross OS Platform Interoperability

Cross OS Platform Interoperability

The CMS software is designed and developed to be used across popular Operation Systems (OS) such as Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh. It is immaterial if your company or organisation is using a particular Operating System, the software will function across major platforms without the need to buy specific software to run the CMS.



To keep customers interested, add a blog to your website and start posting. The CMS streamlines the management of user blogs with an easy to use interface.

URL Titles / URL Rewrite

URL Titles / URL Rewrite / Search Engines

There is the functionality to overwrite the original URL, which may have a more technical address, and replace it with a new, easy to read and remember URL. This helps with search engine optimisation, which leads website users to web content and improves traffic to your site.

The URLs produced by the SynergiDesign CMS do not contain query strings which are disliked by search engines so you can rewrite your URL to a desired one to mimic the directory structure of static sites.

Latest News Functionality

Latest News Functionality

It is easy to add a “recent news” feed to your website, where you can display new articles which are of interest to website users.

Keep customers up to date with a centralised Latest News area on your web pages.

User Intuitive Interface

User Intuitive Interface

The software provides an intuitive and user-friendly user interface that offers quick access to all functions of the CMS and is easy to navigate within. The software is designed to provide familiar interface functionality to allow all users to effortlessly publish and manage content.

A help system has been integrated into the software so that users can quickly reference help topics.

Sitemap Generation / Search Engines

Sitemap Generation / Search Engines

The software automatically creates a Sitemap of the website and keeps users up to date with any navigational changes. An automated Sitemap also ensures that search engines can find and index all pages without additional effort.

Content Layout Examples

Content Layout Examples

The software provides pre-defined layout options for content editors to utilise easily accessible layout content.

Users can easily and quickly insert pre-defined layouts such as side-by-side content structure, keeping consistent formatting for repeated content layout structures.

Extensible and Scalable for Large Websites or Organisations

Extensible and Scalable for Large Websites or Organisations

The software is designed and developed so it can be used for small and large websites and organisations.

Those organisations with additional specific requirements can be accommodated – we can develop bespoke CMS functionality to suit the business needs.

Website Statistics and Traffic Reporting

Website Statistics and Traffic Reporting

Website traffic analysis is a crucial part of on-line business marketing strategy. It provides information about your visitors and about the success of your website.

You simply login, then select a time span and view:

  • The number of hits
  • Which sites visitors come from (e.g. Google)
  • The search terms entered into the search engines to find you (Search engine keyword referrals)
  • How many pages the average person views
  • How long they spend on a page
  • Most commonly and least accessed pages
  • Which pages people enter site on
  • Which pages they leave on
  • The times people visit your site
  • Geographic location analysis
  • and much more...

The CMS functionality also allows site administrators to show which members are online using the software and how many people have ever visited your site.

Site Content Update Report

Site Content Update Report

The site content update report displays information showing which user updated content, including the pages, time and date of changes. It also gives the ability to view the changes side by side – see version tracking for more information.

Additional Bespoke Functionality

Additional bespoke functionality, specific reporting etc. can be added to the v6 Professional CMS because it has been designed to be expandable and flexible to accommodate future enhancements or user requirements.

Contact us to find out about our Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems (CMS) for business/organisational websites are our speciality. We can advise you about how to meet your CMS requirements and explain any technical issues whether you are a small, niche operator or a large corporate with a complex website. Contact us or telephone 0121 270 6505.

About SynergiDesign

SynergiDesign is a qualified and experienced professional Birmingham based website and creative design agency which has created many stunning websites for a variety of businesses and organisations all over the UK.

SynergiDesign are experts in the web site and corporate design field. We offer a complete range of internet marketing and associated services: creating a brand and logo; design and print; website development; eCommerce; search engine optimisation (SEO); flash animation; video; website hosting and domain name management.

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Latest Projects

The Law Society

The Law SocietySynergiDesign won the contract and created the software (secure, interactive, web-standards compliant, meeting the highest of web accessibility W3CAAA standards, web software) to undertake this marketing activity and analyse its success.

"The level of activity generated by these campaigns met or exceeded our expectations."
John Rieger - The Law Society

Presentation for Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

Rigby Luxury Property Brochures The President of Nigeria required a sophisticated PowerPoint presentation to showcase his country’s resources to international investors such as Shell and Chevron at a conference attended by press officers from all over the globe. SynergiDesign’s created a powerful, strongly branded PowerPoint presentation.

Luxury Property Brochures

Rigby Luxury Property BrochuresSynergiDesign carried out the successful design of their property website and also provided a range of high end glossy brochures:

"I am writing to congratulate you and your team for the first class sales brochure that you have produced for our latest development in Belgravia"
Rigby & Rigby

Corporate Presentations

UKTIPresentation for an Automotive international trade show in Japan on behalf of the government agencies we designed an impactful presentation pulling together content from a variety of automotive manufacturers.

"Many thanks for your help on this project and turning it around within such a short timescale. I was most impressed with your level of expertise and service and will happily recommend you to other colleagues."
Ginny Truslove

Web Applications / Software Development

Content Management System – Web Application

CMS InterfaceSynergiDesign have created an innovative, versatile and highly functional website and CMS for SO LONDON Publishing. The website and bespoke content management software are designed to the highest .Net 2 and CSS programming standards which allow for online management of the magazine including:

  • magazine issue management
  • articles and article ranking
  • image management
  • image auto optimisation and resizing
  • complex banner advert management

Ecommerce Web Design

Diamond Dealer Direct is a long-established diamond merchant and manufacturer with a recently acquired retail outlet which now enables them to deal direct with the public giving access to one of the UK’s largest stock of internationally recognised certified diamonds from the top gemmology laboratories. A high end ecommerce shopping website and content management system with a sophisticated and customised pricing software system and also an extensive search engine campaign was developed for Diamond Dealer Direct.

Diamond Dealer Direct

Web design summary:

  • Web Design
  • Ecommerce shopping cart
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • PPC campaign
  • Bespoke Content Management System
  • Reporting System
  • Order Management System
  • Registration System