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Video/Audio Streaming Portfolio - Video and Audio for Business Websites

Professionally produced video and audio can have an influential impact when properly managed on a web site. Key messages can be delivered concisely and in a more interesting format than through reams of text. Many corporate web sites could benefit from a 40 second web video on the home page or at some other strategic point to promote products or services.

Using our preferred technology there is less than a 1% chance that anyone would need to download a plug-in. A text equivalent/transcript on the website could be provided to ensure it is totally accessible.

The Oxford Coach Mentoring Channel - Video Streaming, Audio Streaming

The Oxford Coach Mentoring Channel - Video Streaming OCMC uses SynergiDesign's web site video and sound technology including Flash streaming video to provide face-to-face training sessions with trainees wherever they choose, eg on the train, in their living room or their office. Subscriptions are purchased online via the video ecommerce / audio ecommerce website. The web site's home page includes a video introduction by the CEO and a 10 minute free-view sample video.

Video/audio training sessions provided are often over one hour in length. SynergiDesign successfully met the challenge to ensure the 1hr plus video and audio delivery was quick-loading, with a smooth, consistent very high quality picture, sound and streamed video delivery.

The impact and quality of the training videos supported OCMC in gaining a contract with the largest insurance provider in the UK – and fifth largest worldwide, with 40 million customers – to provide them with a dedicated video training portal.

Web video and website consultancy delivered:

"This project pushed the boundaries of web design and incorporated many of the latest technologies to deliver high quality streamed audio and video products. The outcome is a very solid e-commerce system, with many additional features and functions, which looks great and performs its tasks perfectly...We found Synergi to be professional in their approach and had the needs of our business at heart whilst also being friendly."

Ed Parsloe - Director, The Oxford Coach Mentoring Channel

Web optimised video, windows streaming server, flash video technology on IBM UBC website

IBM Universities Business Challenge Videos

The IBM UBC website needs arresting technology on its home page to appeal to its potential visitors. SynergiDesign has used a compelling website video of the IBM UK General Manager presenting an introduction to the programme. There are also complementary web video clips of students engrossed in their business challenge work.

Web video/audio consultancy delivered:

"The Synergi team are highly professional and value for money - in that they have a strategic approach to webdesign and ensure that the work they do delivers as part of an overall strategy. They are technically able, creatively excellent and nice people to deal with. We have worked with them on two projects and we regard them as part of our wider marketing team"

Peter Cardwell, Director

web optimised video, video streaming server, video encoding, Mustard.uk.com website

Mustard.uk.com Client Videos

Managed by Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry, funded through Europe and delivered by the region's Business Links - a regional business support project to support high growth businesses (those that will turnover £2m in 2 years).

Web video/audio consultancy delivered:

"We have been extremely impressed with the quality of the work Synergi Design have produced for high growth business clients following the Mustard Programme and feedback from clients regarding their approach and their work has supported my view."

Kul Sanghera, Mustard (High Growth) Project Manager, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Video streaming server, web optimised video, Flash video streaming for East End Foods website

East End Foods TV Commercial Videos

East End Foods is a market leader in the Indian food industry with a £100m+ annual turnover. They had 14 examples of TV advertisements for their recipes and SynergiDesign used Flash technology to present their TV material in a lively and professional way on their website to attract potential customers to their products.

Web design summary:

"We think we were guided well in our choices by Synergi Design, eg what would work well on the internet and an innovative design for the website that mimics our logo and therefore reinforces our strong brand."

Paul D Wouhra - Marketing Director, East End Foods

web optimised audio, video streaming server, video and audio encoding, Flash video technology for Studyflex website

Studyflex Website Videos & Audios

StudyFlex offers innovative management training via distance learning. SynergiDesign has installed Flash streaming video on this website to present a series of videos and Audios that explain and promote the StudyFlex products in an easily assimilated and friendly way.

Web design summary:

"Our business necessitates an attractive website that will appeal to all learning styles and will be fresh and innovative. The development of our website is ongoing and has already had a major effect on our business. Synergi Design are excellent to work with and we anticipate this positive relationship continuing."

Peter Thorp - Director, StudyFlex

windows streaming server, web optimised video, Flash video technology for Learning Dynamics website

Learning Dynamics Web Videos

Learning Dynamics are market leaders in the design, development and delivery of business simulations for experiential management development programmes.

Their individual simulation centred learning is demonstrated aptly on their website through a video gallery using Flash video and audio streaming technology.

Web video/audio consultancy delivered:

"Addition of multi-media: Video is a persuasive way of demonstrating your point of difference to your market. Synergi advised on the use of video, which has enhanced the site and increased enquiry rates."

Peter Cardwell - Director

CannyCo Multi Video Player

Cannyco produce a revolutionary dog training product and they needed to raise their profile professionally to market it effectively. After being filmed for the second series of BBC's Dragons' Den, they had visited Rachel Elnaugh's personal website they contacted Synergi Design to market their videos in a professional and contemporary manner.

Web Video design summary:

"We believe the site re-design and product re-branding will have a hugely positive effect for our business potential by increasing product sales and attracting larger customers, particularly overseas."

Sean McElherron, Managing Director, CannyCo

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About SynergiDesign

SynergiDesign is a qualified and experienced professional Birmingham based website and creative design agency which has created many stunning websites for a variety of businesses and organisations all over the UK.

SynergiDesign are experts in the web site and corporate design field. We offer a complete range of internet marketing and associated services: creating a brand and logo; design and print; website development; eCommerce; search engine optimisation (SEO); flash animation; video; website hosting and domain name management.

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Latest Projects

The Law Society

The Law SocietySynergiDesign won the contract and created the software (secure, interactive, web-standards compliant, meeting the highest of web accessibility W3CAAA standards, web software) to undertake this marketing activity and analyse its success.

"The level of activity generated by these campaigns met or exceeded our expectations."
John Rieger - The Law Society

Presentation for Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

Rigby Luxury Property Brochures The President of Nigeria required a sophisticated PowerPoint presentation to showcase his country’s resources to international investors such as Shell and Chevron at a conference attended by press officers from all over the globe. SynergiDesign’s created a powerful, strongly branded PowerPoint presentation.

Luxury Property Brochures

Rigby Luxury Property BrochuresSynergiDesign carried out the successful design of their property website and also provided a range of high end glossy brochures:

"I am writing to congratulate you and your team for the first class sales brochure that you have produced for our latest development in Belgravia"
Rigby & Rigby

Corporate Presentations

UKTIPresentation for an Automotive international trade show in Japan on behalf of the government agencies we designed an impactful presentation pulling together content from a variety of automotive manufacturers.

"Many thanks for your help on this project and turning it around within such a short timescale. I was most impressed with your level of expertise and service and will happily recommend you to other colleagues."
Ginny Truslove

Web Applications / Software Development

Content Management System – Web Application

CMS InterfaceSynergiDesign have created an innovative, versatile and highly functional website and CMS for SO LONDON Publishing. The website and bespoke content management software are designed to the highest .Net 2 and CSS programming standards which allow for online management of the magazine including:

  • magazine issue management
  • articles and article ranking
  • image management
  • image auto optimisation and resizing
  • complex banner advert management

Ecommerce Web Design

Diamond Dealer Direct is a long-established diamond merchant and manufacturer with a recently acquired retail outlet which now enables them to deal direct with the public giving access to one of the UK’s largest stock of internationally recognised certified diamonds from the top gemmology laboratories. A high end ecommerce shopping website and content management system with a sophisticated and customised pricing software system and also an extensive search engine campaign was developed for Diamond Dealer Direct.

Diamond Dealer Direct

Web design summary:

  • Web Design
  • Ecommerce shopping cart
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • PPC campaign
  • Bespoke Content Management System
  • Reporting System
  • Order Management System
  • Registration System